We recommend to begin by watching our Toy Hammock Hanging Instructions video for step by step instructions and best practices.

Installing Your Lilly’s Love Toy Hammock

  1. Pick a corner location to hang your toy hammock out of reach so children & pets cannot climb on it. 
  2. Decide how high you want to hang the hammock. For example, you can hang the corner 22" down from the ceiling and the two ends 14" down from the ceiling
    • Corner position should be lower than the two end positions. This allows hammock to scoop and hold more stuffed animals.
  3. Mark the corner position first with a pencil. Be sure to offset the mark by 1.5” from corner to avoid the wall studs. 
    • The wall anchor must push into drywall and not the wood wall stud.
  4. To install the corner anchor, drill hole on your pencil mark and tap anchor into the hole.
  5. Screw the hook into the corner wall anchor all the way with hook facing up. Attach the hammock to the corner hook.
  6. With a partner holding one end, stretch the ends of the hammock and pencil mark the two ends equal distance from the corner.
    • For maximum toy space hang ends as wide as possible.
    • Ends should be tight but not so tight that it could damage the anchors and hooks.
    • Caution: Shorter distance from the ends to the corner will cause the hammock to hang lower with less toy space.
  7. Install the two end wall anchors and hooks the same as before. 
    • Drill hole on each mark and tap anchor into the holes. 
    • Screw the hooks into the anchors all the way with hooks facing up. 
  8. Attach the two hammock ends to the hooks.
    • Note that once filled, the hammock will stretch and hang lower.
  9. Add only lightweight items on your hammock. Clear all the toys and stuffed animals off the floor and get the party started!